We are proud to be a part of the plastic waste solution.
Plastic waste – a worldwide problem or resource?
Although a serious problem today, thoughtful solutions are emerging to the global problem of plastic waste. When properly disposed of and sustainably recycled, plastic waste can be a valuable resource.

Ceville is stepping up to the challenge by collecting and recycling plastics into world class PCR resin.
Plastic – a valuable resource
Plastic is durable, lightweight, versatile, and cost effective. Thanks to advanced equipment and technologies, plastic waste can become a valuable and safe raw material.

Ceville’s state-of-the-art technology converts plastic waste into world class pellets suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Uses are almost unlimited and include:
  • A wide variety of packaging including bottles and trays
  • Clothing, shoes, bags, notebooks, and toys
  • Rugs, furniture, sheets, and pillows
  • Automobile parts and electronics
Partnering with Cities for Plastic Waste Collection
Ceville has self-owned and jointly operated waste collection centers in two major cities proximate to our factory. These centers can handle 300 tons of waste/day and guarantee the supply and quality of the feedstock we need.

The centers use both manual and AI robotic inspection to pre-sort beverage and personal care waste. This enables us to partially achieve brand-level closed-loop recycling.

We also partner with the seaside city of Ningbo with a goal of reducing up to 5,000 tons of ocean-bound plastic waste per year by 2023.
A global problem with a global solution
In 2018, The Ellen Macarthur Foundation and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) launched the New Plastic Economy - Global Commitment.

The has already mobilized over 500 signatories including companies representing 20% of all plastic packaging produced globally.

Ceville is proud to be one of the proactive signatories and has committed to producing 60,000 tons of PCR resin annually by 2025. Working locally and globally, Ceville is a trustworthy, world-class partner in the plastics industry.
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Together with our partners, we are committed to building a more sustainable world.

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