To reduce pollution, and help the world become more sustainable.
Ceville factory
To sustainably manufacture world-class recycled resin products.
It’s simple: superior products and outstanding customer service create solid relationships and lifetime customers. That is our pathway to becoming one of the most respected and sought-after resin manufacturers in the world.

How we run our company and do business with others are based on sustainability, integrity, and collaboration. Ceville team members are professional, highly capable, and collaborative. We accomplish great things through teamwork within our company and in partnership with our customers. 

We are passionate about our values and delighting our customers.
Ceville has invested over $60 million USD to create a world class factory using state of the art manufacturing equipment from EREMA. We plan to invest an additional $80 million USD by 2025 to further expand our capacity.

Our first building is 30,000 m2 and is used for warehousing, washing, pelletization, SSP, mixing and packing. It has a capacity of 50,000 t/year of food-grade RPET, and 10,000 t/year of food-grade RHDPE and RPP.

Ceville’s second building will be operational in 2024. It will be 33,000 m2 and will double our capacity of RPET, and quadruple it for our RHDPE/RPP.
Ceville factory
Our State-of-the-Art Production Process
World-class resin is only possible when every step of the production process adheres to the strictest standards and has stringent oversight. Ceville’s production process begins with feedstock selection and ends with quality assurance testing.
feedstock origin
Feedstock Origin
Ceville has full traceability of all raw materials and pellets sold. Our feedstock comes from our self-owned and jointly-operated waste collection centers. These centers can handle 300 tons of waste/day, guaranteeing the supply and quality of the feedstock we need. The centers use both manual and AI robotic inspection to pre-sort beverage and personal care waste. This enables us to partially achieve brand-level closed-loop recycling.
Our TOMRA material sorting system separates impurities from the PET flakes. The system can also sort colored flakes from pure-white PET flakes. Our UV aged-flakes sorting system enables us to further improve quality and color consistency.
Extrusion and Pelletizing
Using only EREMA equipment, our extrusion line dislodges small impurities in the flakes. This enables us to supply high-quality recycled PET pellets suitable for food and beverage contact use.
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SSP Process
Ceville’s dedicated system for Solid State Polycondensation (SSP) can increase the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the rPET pellets to between 0.8-1.1 dl/g, which is the same as virgin PET pellets. The rPET pellets are treated for over 20 hours in a 99.99% nitrogen system to achieve the needed IV, while keeping the pellet color (b value) constant. All VOCs are catalyzed and removed to ensure the acetaldehyde and MEG content in the final product is less than 1ppm. This ensures suitability for food contact use.
wastewater treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment: Ceville processes all wastewater through our state-of-the-art treatment station. Once it meets our quality standards it is released into the public wastewater treatment center. This station can process 150-200 t/day, which is over 3 times the current usage.
quality assurance
Quality Assurance
In our laboratory, our quality assurance teams inspect both the raw material and finished goods to ensure that every granule meets our high standards. We perform the many quality checks, including: moisture content, aged flakes, color, density, IV (intrinsic viscosity), melting point (DSC), TiO2 content, powder content, ash content, iron content, DEG content
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With industry-leading quality, our products are widely recognized by customers from all over the world, including Canada, China, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, and Australia.
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