We are uncompromising about quality, ensuring that we provide our customers with consistent product that meets their long term needs.
Ceville has all major certifications, and is REACH registered.
Our approval can be viewed on EFSA's website.
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FDA Certification
Our approval can be viewed on the FDA's website.
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GRS Certification and Traceability
Ceville has full traceability of all raw materials and pellets sold. We are also developing tracing and authentication procedures with our partners for recycled contents and their let-down ratios.
BPA Free
BPA Free
Oeko Tex 100
Oeko-Tex 100
UL-2809 Ocean Bound Plastic
quality assurance
Quality Assurance
In our laboratory, our quality assurance teams inspect both the raw material and finished goods to ensure that every granule meets our high standards. We only use 100% clear flakes to ensure the best quality for our pellets. In addition, we perform the following checks:
  • For raw materials: moisture content, aged flakes, color, density
  • For finished product: IV, melting point (DSC), TiO2 content, powder content, ash content, iron content, DEG content, moisture content
ssp system
SSP System for Controlling the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV)
Ceville’s dedicated Solid State Polycondensation (SSP) system is able to increase the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the RPET pellets to between 0.8-1.1 dl/g, which is the same as virgin PET pellets.
IV 0.83. Food grade, suitable for carbonated beverage bottles and many other applications.
IV 0.78. Food grade, suitable for non-carbonated beverage bottles.
IV 0.66. Food grade, suitable for injection molding, PET sheets, and PET films.
IV 0.66. Non-food grade, suitable for fiber use.
MFI 0.25 - 0.40. Non-food grade 100% PCR HDPE, and made from recycled personal care bottles, and milk bottles. White color, and suitable for bottles.
MFI 0.25 - 0.40. Food grade 100% PCR HDPE, and made from recycled food containers, water bottles, and milk bottles. Natural color, and suitable for bottles and films.
MFI 7 - 15. Food grade, 100% PCR PP made from food containers. Natural color. For products created using injection molding.